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The information given in the data set tells the story of how different information can correlate, but does not imply causation. Steamboats also illustrated the class and social distinctions of the antebellum age. Although the larger American and Atlantic markets relied on southern cotton in this era, the South depended on these other markets for food, manufactured goods, and loans. American plantation owners, who were searching for a successful staple crop to compete on the world market, found it in cotton. The master occupies towards him the place of parent or guardian. Other white men could benefit from the trade as owners of warehouses and pens in which slaves were held, or as suppliers of clothing and food for slaves on the move. They housed school and meeting places for other organizations. The drawing of an iron mask, collar, leg shackles, and spurs b demonstrates the various cruel and painful instruments used to restrain slaves. In , construction began on the Erie Canal to link Lake Erie and the Hudson River, inspiring a canal-building boom that lasted into the s when railroads supplanted canals. In the Deep South, an elite group of slaveholders gained new wealth from cotton. White southerners keen on preserving the institution of slavery bristled at what they perceived to be northern attempts to deprive them of their livelihood. Commercial activity extends as far as the eye can see. Gripped by the fear of insurrection, whites often imagined revolts to be in the works even when no uprising actually happened. People of mixed race experience racism as well. The whites were also afraid that opening schools to black children would encourage more black people to live in the school district.

His father was white, and his mother was a free black. As what is known as the antebellum period began, the American Nation was divided into the North and South by many issues but most economic issues arising from western expansion and slavery.

Despite the attempt to deal with a wide variety of reforms to provide positive changes to society these reform movements were met with varying degrees of success. Slaves were considering expensive and the relationships between slaves and slave owners were often long-term, sometimes multi-generational.

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However, in that same year, only 3 percent of whites owned more than fifty slaves, and two-thirds of white households in the South did not own any slaves at all Figure True, the majority of America was poor in comparison to the few elites, but the philanthropist efforts and contributions of these men can not be denied.

American plantation owners, who were searching for a successful staple crop to compete on the world market, found it in cotton.

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The Ostend Manifesto articulated the right of the United States to forcefully seize Cuba if Spain would not sell it, while filibuster expeditions attempted to annex new slave states without the benefit of governmental approval.

This American nationalism focused on the expression of modernism, technology, and academic classicism. Using slaves, the south would produce and supply the world with cotton.

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Antebellum changes in the North and South created animosity towards women and might have hindered efforts to support their nation during the Civil War The Antebellum Era was the period before the Civil War broke out.

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The Antebellum South,