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As for her husband, his criminal trajectory spanned from petty teenage shenanigans to the FBI naming him the most dangerous person in the United States.

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He was arrested and received a sentence of one year in jail; during that sentence, while being transported to trial a different bank robbery, he escaped using a gun that may have been hidden in the train station by his wife. Peter Catholic Cemetery in Skokie, Illinois. On October 22, , Floyd was killed in a shootout with agents including Melvin Purvis. Cowley, died several hours later in an Elgin hospital. Nelson and his wife went into hiding during the ensuing weeks, and although they were in the Chicago area, their precise movements in this period remain obscure. Chase later reported in an interview that Nelson killed a man during an altercation while they were there. Nelson asked the agents who they were and upon the agents identifying themselves, Nelson quickly opened fire with his custom-converted fully automatic pistol, severely wounding Christensen and Newman and killing Baum, who was hit three times in the neck. Apparently dissatisfied with the car's speed, he quickly ordered them to pull up at a brightly lit house where the switchboard operator, Alvin Koerner, aware of the ongoing events, quickly phoned authorities at one of the involved lodges to report a suspicious vehicle in front of his home. In , Nelson married Helen Wawzynak. The victim was a material witness in a United States Mail Fraud case.

He managed to evade capture for several months, but the FBI finally caught up with him in November 27, Baby Face Nelson He teamed up with John Chase to pull a job in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in which a man was killed; witnesses noticed California license plates on the getaway car, which were traced to Nelson.

Nelson and his wife went into hiding during the ensuing weeks, and although they were in the Chicago area, their precise movements in this period remain obscure. Six months later his son Ronald was born, followed by a daughter, Darlene, in Fact Check We strive for accuracy and fairness.

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Carter Baum and J. The police tracked them down, however the gang was alerted by barking dogs.

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The couple soon had a son and a daughter together. Afterward, the remaining gang members fled in all directions. The gun battle, which reportedly lasted four to five minutes, claimed the life of Agent Hollis. The two men became close friends and Nelson was soon joined by his wife. Nelson had been severely wounded—hit by 17 bullets—in the standoff, but he, Chase and his wife managed to get away. The Nelsons reportedly lived in various tourist camps, while continuing to secretly meet with family members whenever possible. Soon, one of the thieves was cornered by two detectives and opened fire, killing Detective H. His body was left near the St. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Adding to the chaos, at this moment Pat Reilly returned to the lodge after an out-of-town errand for Van Meter, accompanied by John Hamilton's girlfriend, Pat Cherrington. From there he slipped out the back and fled in the opposite direction from the others. Helen Gillis had been lying in a field during the battle. Agent Cowley was also mortally wounded during the skirmish. On November 27, , Cowley received word that Nelson had been seen driving a stolen car.
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