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Easy for some, but not the easiest thing for me to do: Anyway, due probably to being excited about today, I had no problem getting up in the middle of the night ; and got to Bletchley at about 9am with plenty of time to spare before my interview.

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Just take a look at the trail of excellent support generated on Twitter by Bletchley Park for instance to see how you can engage a large group for no cost. Some tweeters are happy to carry forward the campaign message on their own, for example Lewis Shepherd CTO at the Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments at Microsoft who very kindly said that he would talk about the campaign to save Bletchley Park at last month's Microsoft's Techfest. At that time, the estate was still owned by Sir Herbert Leon and his wife Fanny. Bletchley Park wins Building with Pride! Matt Crypto The Bletchley Park site in Buckinghamshire now in Milton Keynes , England , was about 50 miles 80 km northwest of London , conveniently located near a railway line that served both Oxford and Cambridge universities. We all had a good chat, some of us were interviewed by Christian and we had a fantastic geeked out tour of Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing. It has since been demolished. Experts at crossword-puzzle solving and chess were among those who were hired. The image on the right shows the mansion around What do you think? Hut 4, adjacent to the mansion, is now a bar and restaurant for the museum. By , the site was nearly empty and the buildings were at risk of demolition for redevelopment. People on Twitter have been absolutely fabulous and extremely supportive of the campaign, I actually think that Twitter in a way will save Bletchley Park.

They devised automatic machinery to help with decryption, which culminated in Colossusthe world's first programmable digital electronic computer.

Three days later the Bletchley Park Trust was established, with the intention to turn the estate into a museum.

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Valerie married Catherine's grandfather, Captain Peter Middleton. Milton Keynes residents voted to match the funding that English Heritage promised last December.

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I've been speaking to people about Bletchley Park since last July when I went on a tour there, and if you read all my blog posts below, you will see how, gradually, the campaign has picked up. He said that he had sent out a tweet to all his followers! When Italy entered the war in June , delays in forwarding intercepts to Bletchley via congested radio links resulted in cryptanalysts being sent to Cairo. Jerry told us in no uncertain terms that he thought it was not too late to do something about this. I agree. We all had a good chat, some of us were interviewed by Christian and we had a fantastic geeked out tour of Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing. I'm sure he will be talking about them next week. After February , Hut 3 was renamed Hut With the help of German operator errors, the cryptanalysts in the Testery named after Ralph Tester , its head worked out the logical structure of the machine despite not knowing its physical form. In the land owners, the Property Advisors to the Civil Estate and BT , granted a lease to the Trust giving it control over most of the site. Many thanks to the wonderful Jason Gorman for coming up with the Blogging 4 Bletchley idea and then organising it. The manor house was too small to accommodate everything and everyone, so dozens of wooden outbuildings had to be built.

Anyway, we had a really wonderful afternoon together discussing Bletchley Park amongst many other things, Brian and Marion have four children and ten grandchildren who sound absolutely wonderful too! The first Bombe, "Victory", was initially housed here.

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In the last few weeks I've spoken about Bletchley Park at events and conferences like Amplified09Extreme Tuesdaythe Tuttle ClubTwestival and Software Craftsmanship where Jason Gorman the conference organiser implored everyone to help save Bletchley Park.

These buildings were called huts, although some were sizable. Amazing how you can get used to anything really : In fact listening to my interview for the first time this evening, I really enjoyed it Block D: Hut 3 synthesis of intelligence from multiple sources from February

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Today, Bletchley Park is turned into a modern attactive museum with all facilities that you can think of. Another great day at Bletchley Park, I'm sure there will be more to come. Flowers then produced one Colossus a month for the rest of the war, making a total of ten with an eleventh part-built. It has since been demolished. Valerie married Catherine's grandfather, Captain Peter Middleton. The prototype first worked in December , was delivered to Bletchley Park in January and first worked operationally on 5 February Brian was an absolutely fantastic guide, his knowledge of BP is absolutely immense and he is completely committed to saving Bletchley Park and has been for some time. Ooh, just remembered: I also set up a Save Bletchley Park group on Linkedin three weeks ago and invited all of my Linkedin contacts to join! Twitter has been incredibly powerful in terms of spreading the word.
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