Naplan year 9 writing a letter

In relation to writing, the curriculum requires students to learn about imaginative, informative and persuasive texts.

Naplan year 9 writing a letter

Reading and Writing 2. A conclusion should do more than simply repeat what has already been said. NAP have published marking criteria for both Narrative and Persuasive writing, accessible here. The start and ending deliberately parallel each other. This means the results will be able to be compared across the year levels as well as across other test cycles where the same writing scale has been used. In Narrative writing, you can engage the reader through an exciting and vivid opening, giving a clear sense of setting, initial characterisation and the direction of the plot. Will the writing results for Years 3 and 5 still be able to be compared to those for Years 7 and 9? Thesis statement: clear statement of your position on the topic. You want the reader to easily be able to imagine themselves in the world you have created.

The style of the introduction may change according to the style of the writing and the opinion being presented and might include, for example, a definition of the topic, generalisations about the topic, a list of the main points of argument or a short anecdote.

The reasons for either side of the topic are likely to elicit logical, practical reasons and personal anecdotes based on the writer's experiences of both books and TV. In fact, students who do so may undermine the credibility of their argument by making statements that are implausible.

Naplan persuasive writing examples year 5

Markers will be paying close attention to the accuracy of spelling and the difficulty of spelling the words you have used. Conclusions may summarise the writer's position, reflect on the topic and draw conclusions by synthesising ideas presented in the body. How can I structure my story? Each of these structural components serve a function. The two writing tasks will still be marked using a common marking guide and results will still be reported on the same scale. Persuasive text types include, for example, arguments, expositions, discussions, and letters to the editor, debates, reviews and advertisements. However, this topic lends itself to a comparative style response from a more capable writer. Persuasive structure Persuasive writing more or less follows the same structure as an essay.

For an awesome glossary of language devices, click here. The main purpose of a narrative is to entertain a reader, but stories can also contain a universal theme or moral, or teach the reader a lesson. Alternatively the prompt may provide only textual support.

Naplan writing examples

The body of the persuasive text should develop the intentions stated in the introduction and may make use of the structures typical of non-fictional essays. The building up of a complication or middle is usually the largest part of the story. However, this topic lends itself to be further redefined. A NAPLAN narrative writing test requires students to write a complete story that has an orientation, a complication and a resolution. Persuasive structure Persuasive writing more or less follows the same structure as an essay. Linear structure — Chronological telling of the story. Figurative language devices can be your best friend here. Each structural component serves a function. The standardised national tests have long been a source of controversy in the education sector, with former New South Wales education minister, Rob Stokes, among its prominent critics. Again, write from what you know! Introduce your supporting ideas: give a short preview of the arguments to follow in your body paragraphs. Melbourne school's bin ban forces students to reuse containers or take garbage home Read more One idea on the table is a proficiency certificate based on student reading and numeracy results that would guide subject selection for year 11 and

Example persuasive topics and different styles: City or country see example prompt 1. Acara believed the pen and paper test results were comparable with the online versions. Try to complete these papers under the recommended time limits.

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Audience Both Narrative and Persuasive writing list audience as their first criterion.

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