Proton car maker malaysia case study

At the same time, the customer feedback must be taken into count seriously.

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The growth of Proton significantly relates to the growth of our nation and our country. The next factor to consider is the organizational size of Perodua and also the slack resources it held. With the support from its partner, it is likely that Perodua will be able to achieve the product quality for the hybrid model it produces and therefore will be likely to initiate the competitive action against Proton.

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Ultimately, manufacturing is not the core competency of Proton and that does not favour cost leadership strategy. But they should be more concern on ensuring the product is fully functioning in the proper order before executing the assembly of it.

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Malaysian government supports the industry onwards with the vast of nationwide distribution network. This can advanced the technologic new target market or new distribution places. The market has become dynamic as Toyota, Honda and Nissan battle it out among themselves. Finally, the abilities of both companies will be taken into considerations when analysing the competitive behaviour. This because the marketing staff lack of knowledge of the cars they are promoting and the management fail to give a proper training to the staff. Besides that license are given to friends and family which is very unethical and unfair. This sounds like a plausible reason. It offered the cars which is available for the lower income people such as Saga SV. Reputational a.

Mitsubishi agreed to form another alliance with the company on project basis. The fixed costs and storage costs for automakers are assessed to be high and that may increase the intensity of competition.

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Their first model which was launched in was called the Proton Saga.

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