Special features of tamil language

Special features of tamil language

Art of Music The ancient Tamils possessed a highly developed system of music and musical instruments. Geographic distribution Tamil is the first language of the majority in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and in northern, eastern and northeastern Sri Lanka. The office-going people, daily wagers, business people and other laborers inhabit the urban areas. Festivals There are a number of festivals observed in Tamil Nadu. The classical language also forms an important part of Tamil-medium education: verses from the Tirukkural, a classical work, are, for example, taught in primary school. In the sciences, Sir C. It deals with morphology and syntax in the second part known as Collatikaaram. The Silapathikaram furnishes the legendary origin of dancing. Origin A few scholars have linked the origins of Tamil to that of Sanskrit. Most of these are devotional poems. The five Rathams cars carved in rocks at Mahabalipuram are extremely beautiful.

Tamil linguistic variation cross classifies through three dimensions: geographycasteand diglossia. Though this means in the Tamil society literally come but implies now I go and will be back to meet you again.

Other known dialects are Kongu and Kumari,which are heavily influenced by Malayalam. The language is spoken among small minority groups in other states of India which include KarnatakaAndhra PradeshKeralaMaharashtra and in certain regions of Sri Lanka such as Colombo and the hill country.

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In both India and Sri LankaTamil has the status of an official language. Each consonant graph symbolizes the consonant plus following vowel "a".

The Tamil alphabet is thought to have evolved from the Brahmi script, though some scholars believe that its origins go back to the Indus script.

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A Tamil tongue twister — The sentence literally means: "An old pauper stepped on a banana peel, and slipped, slithered, and fell" Vowels The vowels are called uyir ezhuthu uyir - life, ezhuthu - letter.

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