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I loved it. Buried even in the sublime silliness of the man-in-the-white-suit is the truth that his banjo playing is always actually quite excellent, virtuosic.

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All comedy depends on shared social expectations. Another ground rule. And it was sort of what you were expected to do. It is true that sometimes agony visits the head of a writer.

Writer advises someone who doesn't know what sentence to type next to go to an already published novel and find a sentence that you absolutely adore. Now you might want to give the character a trait. Does God exist? Can you imagine seven dwarfs in Czechoslovakia? Once you have determined your pronoun usage, you are ready to "schmooze" your publisher. You can safely use up to three sentences of someone else's work--unless they're friends; then you can use two. Other people seem to believe the opposite. Their books are often depressing and filled with disease and negativity. In greener pastures, according to comedian Steve Martin. Another thing: please do not mention the phrase "organized religion. Sometimes the delete key is your best friend

Since human history began, as soon as someone thought he had the answer, someone else came along to challenge it. Nowadays, they can be either male or female.

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Steve Martin: Dare To Be Silly